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YouTubesday (on Thursday...oops!) 2

Happy YouTubesday! I am a couple of days late posting's been a crazy week around here! I didn't get an edition of YouTubesday up last week and I didn't want to skip another one so....better late than never, right??

This is a series I have created because I love YouTube. I love beauty videos, comedy videos, music videos (from famous people, and from the people sitting in front of a webcam with a guitar...those are usually better, actually!), and I'm the first to get all hyped up for a viral video! I have learned SO much from YouTube and I wanted to start this project to highlight some of my favorite YouTube personalities! I hope you enjoy it and please comment down below letting me know who YOUR favorites are!
Channel Name: MrsLolaLynn
bringing her own sass to YouTube since: April 27, 2012
subscriber count: 12,291 (and counting)
Keek: @mrslolalynn

I found Laura's channel through another beauty vlogger, Melissa (melmphs). We became friends quickly. She is one of few YouTube's elite who take a lot of pride in actually interacting with her subscribers. If she can, she WILL respond to your comment or question. She is a GREAT editor and always makes videos that are entertaining, and more than that, informative. She makes makeup videos, skincare videos, and hair videos. She uses drugstore makeup AND high end makeup. Her tutorials are for beginners, and the more experienced. There is really something on her channel for everyone! Make sure you stop by and see what she has for you!

BeccaMaybe: Tell me something that YouTube has taught you about: a)Makeup, b)Life, c)Yourself.
MrsLolaLynn: YouTube has taught me a bunch about different makeup brands, application of makeup, product reviews and opened my eyes to the beauty world more so than ever before!  More so it has taught me about myself! I struggled with the thought of opening myself up to filming videos because I was at my highest weight of my life after having 3 kids and I had an infant when I started the channel.  I was self conscious, which I still am, but I realized.. Nope, this is me, I am real and I have something to say so I am gonna say it.  I promised myself I would always be myself, try to keep a relationship with those people that were on the other side supporting me and still try to build my channel as best possible.  YouTube taught me that I can still be me and people accept that! It made me proud of myself that I took the plunge and put myself out there! On the flip side… I have watched my friends get slaughtered by certain gossip sites and although you know those people are terrible for saying those things about you, it still hurts to read. I learned if I was going to do this, I would keep my family out of it. That is why i choose to not show my children, not talk about details about them because people can say what they want about me, but if you question me as a mother, I will go gangbusters on you! lol… So far it's been a great experience!

B: What is your favorite type of video to make?
MLL: My favorite type of video to make are my empties & my Friday Favorites! The empties videos are fun because I like showing what I used and giving a snap review of if I would purchase it again! The Friday Favorites are my other favorite because it's so fun sharing what I have been using the week and then possibly bringing attention to products that didn't work for me and telling why! 

B: What is your favorite type to watch?
MLL: I like hauls, tutorials & Favorites, both monthly and weekly! I like hauls because i like to see what others get! It's fun for me! Tutorials have taught me so much and to see products in use is helpful for me! I also do like reviews too because I like to know what I am buying before I spend my money on it! The monthly & Weekly favorites are great to watch bc sometimes I am reminded of products I already have and someone else will mention how they have used it and what they love about it and it reminds me to pull it out again!

B: If you weren't making beauty videos, what kind would you like to make? (Example: cooking, parenting, inspiration, etc)
MLL: I would probably make cooking videos!! I love to cook and I have a cooking blog, so I probably would make those types of videos!

B: What is the best advice you have for someone wanting to start a channel?
MLL: My best advice sounds so cheesy but it's really: Be yourself because if you aren't people can tell and it's not fun to watch when you try too hard to be something else.  Make connections with other YouTubers that you genuinely enjoy watching and learn things from because the more networking the more your name is out there! I have built so many amazing friendships with Beauty YouTubers that have become some of my best friends and we all share the same passions so it's nice.  Never do it for money, or other reasons but because you love making videos. People can tell if you are in it for something else and it makes you look less credible and you come off looking disingenuous!

B: Name a few beauty Vloggers who you think I should be watching.
MLL: I love Hannah from BeautyChats, Rachel from GlowofGrace, Carol from TheBlushinbrunette, Sarah from BeautyBuzzHub and Stefanie from LittleLadyLohrey. I also love Amanda from TheBeautyBox1211 and Lizzy from WhatWouldLizzyDo… my obvious favorites are Kassie (ShadesofKassie) & Melissa from (Melmphs) All these girls I would also call friends.  There are so many more!!  

B: Everyone always asks "what is one product that you can't live without?"....instead of that, tell me one or two that you COULD live without.
MLL: I would live without brow set … I mean I know that sounds crazy but thats the only thing that came to mind! lol

B: Would you rather have a room full of elf makeup, or a box full of Chanel makeup?
MLL: Duh, I'd rather have room full of Elf makeup because its about options in my book! Cheap doesn't always mean poor quality & Expensive doesn't always mean quality!

B: You've been on YouTube for over a year now, where do you see your channel in one more year?
MLL: I would love to see my channel grow in another year because it's something I love and I love the interactions with others!!! It has opened so many opportunities and friendships for me!!!

So, as you can tell, MrsLolaLynn is someone you need to be watching on YouTube! If you aren't subscribed to her, you really should be! Her channel is growing everyday and you don't want to miss out on what she is coming out with next! As always, let me know who you would love to see featured on YouTubesday and be on the lookout for who is coming up next!

Spread love and be kind!!
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