Monday, September 2, 2013

etsy Eye Shadow Collection #makeupmonday

Eye shadow is my favorite makeup product and, while it may not be the most necessary or the most important, it definitely makes up for about 85% of my makeup collection! I have shadows in every color from black to white (which I am aware are not actual colors), every finish from matte to just plain glittery, every formula from cream to pigments, and from many different brands! Most of you can probably describe your eye shadow collection in the same way, but what you might be missing are the twelve-hundred-and-seventy-eight-gazillion eye shadows that are sold on etsy
I began looking around at the makeup shops on etsy a few months ago and have grown quite the collection of indy-shadows!

My Beauty Addiction
My Beauty Addiction was the first etsy store I started buying from. I was introduced to them by Maria over at AgapeLoveDesigns! (She sent me some in the swap that we did!) They have over 200 shadow colors! (They also sell other face makeup including lippies, foundations, blushes, and quite a bit of skincare items.) You have the option of buying single shadows, a pack of 5 samples, or a pack of 10 samples. You get to pick the colors that you want to try! I also have a jar of their eye shadow primerI love that they come in clam shells and they come with plenty of product to do several applications. They also have the FASTING shipping in the entire world!

Star Crushed Minerals
I found this brand by searching etsy for "mineral eye shadow". It was a new shop so I was drawn to it immediately. Star Crushed Minerals sells sample only as singles instead of in a 5 or 10 pack. They also sell foundations and blushes. Their colors are SO RICH and pigmented and their primer is also wonderful! I have developed a great relationship with this shop owner. Her name is Edie and she really values the relationships she has with her customers. 
She puts a great amount of product in her samples and all of them come in a jar with a filter, which makes little to no mess! Definitely my favorite packaging out of all the etsy makeup I own. 
Be on the lookout for a full review of this brand and maybe even a giveaway! (wink, wink!)

Beauty Bar Baby
I stopped in at this etsy shop when I saw that everything was 50% off! It was easy to pick the colors that I wanted from BeautyBarBaby because there are pictures of each of her shadows swatched so I could see exactly what they looked like on the skin! Some of the colors are even swatched dry AND foiled(with water or a solution added)! Like most all mineral makeup on etsy, their products are vegan/cruelty free. 
This shop, much like StarCrushedMinerals, sells samples as singles. They are packaged in jars with screw-top lids and no filter. If you aren't VERY careful, they can be very messy, so don't open them over anything white...including your new white bedroom rug...found that out the hard way! They color payoff was worth the mess! Beautiful!!

Okay, I know this post was long! I'm just so in love with the eye shadows that I've found on etsy and I think more makeup lovers need to know about these shops! Etsy is not just cross-stitch art work and macaroni necklaces anymore. (Okay I don't know if it ever WAS...) There are some serious treasures to be found on the site! You will find ANY color you are looking for, and probably some colors that you didn't even know existed! They are reasonably priced, and even the samples come with plenty of product. I'm not even close to running out of anything yet!

Don't forget that the people who are running these shops are usually the ONLY people running the shops. When you buy from etsy, you are supporting someone's dream and that's so important!

I'm going to link this post up with Maria (Agape Love Designs) and Andee (Wink4PinkBlog) for Makeup Monday. You can go by and link up anything that you have (blog posts, YouTube videos, Keeks, Instagram pics, etc) as long as it's beauty related!

If you're looking for a little extra money to spend on some etsy makeup of your own (or to spend on  anything else you'd like), you still have an hour to stop by Tales of a Twenty Something, aka TOATS, for your chance to win $200! Enter here!

Okay, my sisters, that's it for me today!
As always, be kind & spread love!
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

These Are My Confessions!

I decided on Friday that I was going to "attend" this link-up party. Obviously, it didn't come to fruition until today. Oops...honestly, I have no excuse but I really wanted to participate in this!
Sorry for piling all of my shortcoming onto you guys, but I need to get this stuff off of my conscience.

I confess: I feel like I am terrible at blogging! I have so many big ideas and plans for this blog, but I don't know how to realize them. 

I confess: I love makeup. If I had to choose between makeup and toothpaste, guess what?! I'd be buying a LOT of mouthwash and chewing gum. ...I REALLY hope this is never an issue.

I confess: I wear brown and black together. (I can't BELIEVE people still think that is a rule.)

I confess: Sometimes I wear brown, black, AND navy blue (Pippa Middleton AND Rachel Bilson both do it!!)...whatcha think about THAT?? lol

I confess: No matter HOW early I wake up and start getting ready, I ALWAYS have to finish my makeup in the car. Sometimes it's just lipstick, sometimes I have to bring everything from primer to setting spray. I NEED THIS SETUP:

I confess: I truly believe that the only reason I graduated high school was because the administrators lost sleep over having me in that school for one more minute, let alone an entire semester. #hellraisingrebelinaprivateschool

I confess: I wear Old Navy flip flops year round. Maybe not every DAY, but I have definitely been known to wear one red flip flop and one green flip flop to Christmas dinner.

I would love if you ALL would join us for the Confess-sesh! Head over to Agape Love Designs or Let It Shine to get some weight off of your chest!
Thanks for coming by! I'm off to say my Hail Marys.

Spread love and be kind!
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