About Me

If you clicked on this tab, it probably means that you want to know a little bit about me! I'm SO honored that you came by, and that you even care to get to know me! I'm really not an exciting person, but I'll do my best to keep you entertained!

I'm 25 years old. I live in Tennessee with my fiance who also just happens to be my best friend. HER name is Devon! We have been together for 2 years and our wedding is planned for this spring in New York City!

We have 10 rescue cats...don't judge me! It's a lesbian thing I guess. Five of them live inside with us. The others started as strays and kind of adopted us. Who knows what science holds for the future, but as of right now, out cats are the only children we have!

I am so in love with hair, makeup, fashion, & all things beauty. Feeling good about myself changes my entire mood and some days, it takes a little bit of work to feel good about myself. I love making other women feel beautiful. It is SO important for women to empower one another!! Can I get an "amen"?

I started this blog because I like to communicate and I like to learn! I want to share what I'm learning every day and I want to know what YOU know. Let's talk about makeup! Let's talk about TV shows! Let's talk about trends, and diets, and relationships, and the terrible background music that onDemand plays AFTER your show goes off but BEFORE you pick another one! 

I have met the most amazing friends through social media! I talk to them every day and I love them dearly. Ya know what?...WE should be friends!! Me and you!! I've got references! They'll tell you I'm not crazy! ...despite the fact that the following pictures may say otherwise...

 I hope you stick around and join my baby-blog! This is a huge learning experience for me and I would love for you to come along! From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you for coming by! I can always be reached right here:

email: rebeccamay.boring@yahoo.com


  1. Can I just say I read that whole post with your accent. LOL. You are just the cutest!

  2. I love your about me section!!! I really need to get my about me section going and well I think I may just have LEARNED how from you!!! =) I also grabbed your button. Thanks for letting me hang out on your side bar and you are now hanging out with Life as Mrs. Aguila. I guess what means were friends, yes me and you!!! =)

  3. Just found your blog!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up!