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Swap Haul! #makeupmonday

I have always loved shopping for people! Shopping for Christmas gifts, housewarming parties, birthday presents, bridal showers, any opportunity to buy gifts for someone is very exciting to me! 

Recently, my friend Maria, over at Agape Love Designs, came up with the idea for us to do a swap! We exchanged a few emails talking about our makeup preferences, favorite brands, and colors, exchanged addresses, and went shopping! My package from Maria came last week! I was actually at the lake when the mail ran. My fiance called me and told me that there was a package for me at the house and I knew exactly what it was! Don't get me wrong, the lake was great, but the whole weekend, my mind was on that package sitting at my house! When I got home on Sunday, I went STRAIGHT for it! (Do NOT pass go. Do NOT collect $200. Do NOT even stop to pet your cat!) I tore into it and didn't even think to take pictures of how beautifully everything was packaged!
 Each individual item was wrapped in a different color of tissue paper, and on top was the sweetest hand-written note! I have really been blessed with some great friends through social media. Maria was one of the first ones!

The girl knows I love elf products! Who doesn't love elf? I'm telling you, they are always improving their brand and coming out with great new products! She sent me:
From Left to Right:elf Pout Perfecter in Light Beige
elf Eyeliner and Shadow Stick in Basic/Brown
elf Lip Stain in Nude Nectar
elf Eye Widener in Pearl White

My Beauty Addiction
Maria turned me on to My Beauty Addiction! If you follow her on Keek or her blog, you know how often she uses their eye shadows! I am SO excited that she sent me these to help grow my MBA collection! You can find these on etsy and they have a website! The colors she sent me are: Raspberry Martini, Red HOT!, Kiwi Kiss, Papaya Punch, Aloha Rose, Bahama Mama, Smoke & Mirrors, Tequila Sunset, Island Sunshine, and Twilight
These are all loose, mineral shadows. They are SO pigmented. You have to try them. They have great deals on samples in their etsy store!

Nail Polish
LEFT: I LOVE pastels! Especially on my nails! This is only my second ORLY polish and I am REALLY loving this formula! The color is called Lift The Veil. Light colors like this can OFTEN be streaky! This one, however, applied beautifully! I chose to use two coats, but I probably could have left it at only one coat and it would have been fine!

RIGHT: This is my first Forever 21 polish! It is going to be perfect for fall! I don't have many metallic, duo-chrome-y polishes and I'm really excited to use this!

Love & Beauty Eye Shadow Notebook

This is another first for me! This is the first Forever21 makeup I have ever had! I love neutrals!!! And ya know what, the shimmery-er the BETTER! I have been using these on top of the elf 
Eyeliner and Shadow Stick!!

      ISO Bouncy Spray Curl Activator  
ISO Bouncy Spray Curl Activator My hair is NOT's NOT's NOT is lumpy. Seriously, it's the worst texture. I have always looked for something that I can run through my hair when I get out of the shower that will make it curly without having to do anything else! Fingers crossed that this one works! 

Nail Decals
Nail Stickers!!! I have never been able to get these to work for me, but I REALLY hope these work because they are SOOO cute! I'm sorry the picture isn't very clear, but you're just gonna have to take my word for it, okay? haha! They are mint/teal with little pink hearts all over them!! (Also from Forever 21!)

I was SUPER excited to see this! I don't even know what these are called, but the little pearls of blush are AWESOME! I have a pearl bronzer that I love and this blush is becoming a favorite too!! (From Forever 21)

Black Soap
African Black Soap from My Beauty Addiction. When Maria told me about this, I wanted to try it SO bad and she sent it to me!!! It is supposed to be a cure-all for skin problems! I'm so excited to see how it works!

 Aww!!! Look at this little guy!! I'm not sure if Maria knew or not, but I love...LOVE owls! There is at least one owl in every room of my house!! This ring will go perfect with the rest of my owl-bling collection!

Eye Shadow and Naked Ladies
When I got to the bottom of the package, I screamed so loud!! I was SO excited to see this! I had a hint from Maria that is was coming, but seeing it in real life and holding it in my hands was something even more amazing! The colors in this palette are INCREDIBLE!! Make sure you come back here later this week for a full review on theBalm's Nude 'tude palette!!

 Handmade Bling

I waited to share these last because they are the most exciting thing in the whole package. Maria made these earrings!! I absolutely LOVE everything that she sent me! They will all get a lot of love from me, but she could have ONLY sent me these earrings and I would have been happy! When you create something with your own hands and give it to someone else, it means SO much. I know she puts a lot of work and love went into these and I am so honored to have a pair of original Agape Love Designs earrings!!

If you ever get the opportunity to do a swap, take it!
Even if you just get together with some of your girlfriends
and trade beauty products or clothes or
accessories that you don't use or wear or want anymore!

I had so much fun opening this package, and I had even more fun shopping for Maria! 

As I mentioned earlier, there will be 
a review
up soon of theBalm's 
Nude'Tude palette! If you
would like to see a review
 of anything else that Maria sent me,
 feel free to let me know!

Have YOU ever done a swap? I'd love to hear about it!

What are some ideas for swapping? 
An etsy swap?
A candy swap?
A health items swap?

Let me know your favorites!

Here is the last of 15 keeks that I had to do when I was opening Maria's package! Make sure you follow me on Keek @beccamay81203
to see the rest of them! (Really, keek? 36 seconds? Can we at least get a minute?? lol)

Last thing, I am linking up with Maria and our friend Andrea (Wink4PinkBlog) for their #makeupmonday linky party! Make sure you come by and link your Instagram pics, Keeks, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc and join the partayyy! Click hurrr:
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Have a great week, my friends!!
Spread love & be kind!
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