Sunday, September 1, 2013

These Are My Confessions!

I decided on Friday that I was going to "attend" this link-up party. Obviously, it didn't come to fruition until today. Oops...honestly, I have no excuse but I really wanted to participate in this!
Sorry for piling all of my shortcoming onto you guys, but I need to get this stuff off of my conscience.

I confess: I feel like I am terrible at blogging! I have so many big ideas and plans for this blog, but I don't know how to realize them. 

I confess: I love makeup. If I had to choose between makeup and toothpaste, guess what?! I'd be buying a LOT of mouthwash and chewing gum. ...I REALLY hope this is never an issue.

I confess: I wear brown and black together. (I can't BELIEVE people still think that is a rule.)

I confess: Sometimes I wear brown, black, AND navy blue (Pippa Middleton AND Rachel Bilson both do it!!)...whatcha think about THAT?? lol

I confess: No matter HOW early I wake up and start getting ready, I ALWAYS have to finish my makeup in the car. Sometimes it's just lipstick, sometimes I have to bring everything from primer to setting spray. I NEED THIS SETUP:

I confess: I truly believe that the only reason I graduated high school was because the administrators lost sleep over having me in that school for one more minute, let alone an entire semester. #hellraisingrebelinaprivateschool

I confess: I wear Old Navy flip flops year round. Maybe not every DAY, but I have definitely been known to wear one red flip flop and one green flip flop to Christmas dinner.

I would love if you ALL would join us for the Confess-sesh! Head over to Agape Love Designs or Let It Shine to get some weight off of your chest!
Thanks for coming by! I'm off to say my Hail Marys.

Spread love and be kind!
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  1. I love this link up! I'm guilty of wearing flip flops all year round too. They're so much easier to put on than regular shoes LOL

    Reviews Until You Drop

  2. Oh em gee!! Yayy I am not the only one that does my make up in the car. I need that set up also!!
    Love this linky party, I linked up after you and Sabrina.
    Life as Mrs. Aguila